Conagra Brands and its employees care deeply about the communities where we live and work.

When we place a call to action, our employees are always ready to respond, rallying to address Conagra’s strategic priorities focused on food insecurity. The passion and energy with which our employees engage in the community are defining qualities that we admire and respect. This level of engagement extends well beyond any corporate initiative and is visibly demonstrated through direct personal actions including volunteerism, contributions, and nonprofit board service.

We respect and acknowledge that our employees have diverse passions and authentic personal interests that connect with issues far beyond food insecurity, including job training, housing, social justice, disease, environment, mentorship, literacy, community building, arts and culture, and so much more. Therefore, we have designed our employee programs to support these diverse and varied interests. Our employee programs are easily accessible to all, and the scope and variety can be harnessed to advance their volunteer impact and maximize their generous philanthropic commitments to a multitude of causes and issues.

Through our employee engagement efforts, we seek to create a virtuous cycle that continuously amplifies the good deeds and generous actions of our employees through the initiatives listed below.

Nourish Our Community

gives employees the opportunity to engage in the grant-making process while exposing a wide range of needs that exist in their communities. Employees are encouraged to nominate eligible local nonprofits to apply for a grant, and each request is reviewed by a committee of employees who are empowered to make final funding decisions.

Matching Gifts

maximizes the impact of employee charitable giving. This program matches personal employee donations up to $1,500 per calendar year to eligible organizations whose primary purpose falls into one of the eligible categories: arts and culture; civil rights, social justice, and equality; community and community development; environment; health, wellness, or nutrition education; hunger relief; and post-secondary education.

Dollars for Doers

gives grants to qualifying nonprofits where an employee has volunteered their personal time over the course of the year. Some of our most engaged employees max out the program annually by completing 50 hours of service, resulting in a donation of $500 to the nonprofit where the service was performed. However, even with as little as 10 hours of volunteer service, an employee can direct a donation of $100 to the nonprofit.

United for Change

is the only fundraising campaign we conduct that encourages employees to support their local communities by making personally meaningful financial contributions. In 2020, we updated the campaign to reflect our desire to create change and promote diversity, equity and inclusion. Across the nation, our campaign partners include United Way agencies and American Civil Liberties Union Foundation, and internationally our partners include United Way and Human Rights Watch. These partners, selected by our employees, are leaders in addressing systemic issues of poverty and fighting for social justice, racial justice and equality.

Conagra Employee Relief Fund

lets employees lift each other up when faced with unforeseen financial challenges resulting from catastrophic and natural disasters by providing a financial award to help employees persevere through difficult times.


are provided to assist children of Conagra Brands employees who have the passion and commitment to continue their education and succeed in college, university or vocational school.

Conagra Brands Foundation scholarships are renewable and are offered each year for full-time, undergraduate study, at an accredited institution of the student’s choice. We are committed to ensuring Conagra’s hourly and salaried employees have access to scholarships that support their child’s continued education.


is encouraged year-round and occurs through a variety of efforts led by individual employees, employee resource groups, and our annual company-wide Month of Service. Our employees are always empowered to volunteer at organizations that they’re passionate about. Every April, we focus our volunteer efforts on hunger relief agencies.
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Nourish Our Community Grant Recipient 2019
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Nourish Our Community Grant Recipient 2019